The journey begins…

I’ve been idle and stalling for quite some time now, sitting on the first post of my blog and i realized that this must be the biggest and best analogy of my life…

Welcome to the beginning of Twenty everything, the beginning of everything new, living in a new country , starting a blog, self realization and the beginning of my late 20’s! scary and simultaneously exhilarating.

I have to say that starting a blog must’ve been the scariest thing for me in a very long time because i have been discontent and in desperate need to get out of my comfort zone.  However with that very daunting decision i stayed idle and remained seated all because i was too focused on the aesthetics of this blog. But i finally got to thinking, and i realized that like many others, i’ve sat on many goals and ideas as a result of living with the need of a nod of approval for my appearance and erroneously remained focused on the superficial. This right here best describes what paved the trajectory of my life thus far, however i have to say i am more knowledgeable and intently focused now than i have ever been and i’m ready to give that mindset a miss!

So, getting down to the business of things, i have to say that i suck at working software, and honestly, i’m kinda lazy at times. It took me 3 days just to set up my blog homepage, and get this, i still haven’t got it right, although during this undertaking (however menial, to the tech savvy individual) i stumbled upon one of the greatest realizations and lessons this month. The Fear of rejection and the approval seeker syndrome, plight of the twentieth century, if you ask me.

What i have come to discover recently is, seeking approval, by focusing on an outwardly appearance is poisonous to the mind, body and spirit because it stunts the growth that comes with fear of being seen with your hands dirty, where the real growth and learning process exists. Its fair to conclude that, its a shallow pursuit, and it puts one at no better position then one has been if progess was the aim.

I, like many other people have been prisoner, in the shackles of my insecurities and as a result my growth was stunted for a great deal of time. In case you haven’t caught on, this is the reason for many peoples intense need to be ratified by society. Now without being cliche, social media is the perfect example. We spend a great portion of our time, fixing our appearances (in many aspects) for validation from strangers who similarly spend the same amount of time watching from a distance with a burning desire to be us. Where might i be headed with this, you might ask, What i’m trying to put to you, the reader, is, the gorgeous, young woman who possesses a posterior that looks like it was bestowed to her by the gods, who travels the world and has perfect skin all year round, oh and shall i not forget, a few thousand likes on each of her pictures on Instagram, may very well be as insecure as the overweight lass who lives vicariously through this “social media goddess” behind her Iphone screen. I have no fear in admitting to being the lass behind the screen, perhaps not overweight, but equally insecure! with that being said it is time for a change!

As a result, i’ve decided to bridge that knowledge-action gap and start focusing on everything within me which births an intention driven life, one that encourages growth and desires no stamp of approval, one where God, confidence, self validation, gratitude and progress reign supreme. However passionate this statement may be, i cannot do it alone. So fellow twenty something year old, join me in making this journey one for the books, whilst sharing advice, tips and learning experiences but most importantly starting afresh every single day!

Here’s to the  beginning of Twenty Everything…

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